About me

I grew up in the picturesque little town of Modra in the foothills of the Small Carpathian Mountains, surrounded by plentiful vineyards, forests and meadows. I am a local patriot, passionate traveler and a tour guide. I love my home town, nature, exercise, history, good wine, fabulous people and stories. I set off on my first foreign travels as a 16 year old on a summer vacation job to Germany to improve my German. That was just a start of my long globetrotting adventures, exploring foreign countries, cultures, people and myself.

Short time after I graduated the Secondary Business School I decided to try luck in The United Kingdom. After two years improving my English working as an au-pair I have returned back to Slovakia. I took my interest in travel and tourism further and certified as a professional tour guide. I started my travel career as a travel consultant in the travel agency specializing in luxury holidays to Ibiza, Cyprus, Emirates and Israel. A few years later I got itchy feet again. I wished to learn Spanish and I decided to go for it. I took a language course and spent some time in the north of Spain and Canary Islands. Thanks to the time spent in Spain I gained valuable experience and built up my language skills. I continued my career in travel and tourism as a destination manager, creating and selling holiday packages to Mallorca and Turkey.

In those days there was a popular TV series “Love Boat” and I was absolutely fascinated by those huge beautiful sailing cruise ships. I was longing to get on one myself, cruise around and see the world. I ended up working for Princess Cruises for five years. I was astonished – dream came true. You are travelling the world and getting paid for it ☺. Dream job! While cruising the world I had a great opportunity to explore variety of cities, cultures, meet wonderful people. I travelled across the continents, visited Alaska, Antarctica, North and South Americas, Carribean, New Zealand and Australia, Tahiti and good old Europe.

The more I travelled the world, the more I realized the treasures we have back home in Modra and Small Carpathians. Heavenly peace of “Harmonia” and “Zochova Chata”, countless hiking tracks, wonderful views, famous wine and world-known Modra Majolica.
Important personalities of the Slovak national history such as Ludovit Stur and his fellows, Zocha’s group, many artists, painters, poets and writers found inspiration for their work in the romantic surroundings of Small Carpathians.

I settled back in Slovakia in 2010. I have decided to use my professional skills together with my travel experience and share the beauties of Modra and its surroundings by organizing guided tours and trips around the place I love the most. Daytime, evening or night, in the town or at the cemetery, in the forest or wine cellar…. Have you ever heard of “Colourful Wine Tasting” or “Candelight Cemetery Tour”?

Looking forward to seeing you ☺!

Martina Klúčiková