General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

I. Operator-TA

The operator of the website is Martina Klúčiková – travel agency Modra Tours, with its registered office at Komenského 11, 900 01 Modra, Company ID: 5169666, VAT ID: 1022813880. Trade license issued by the District Office in Pezinok OU- PK-OZP-2018/005017-2. The travel agency (hereinafter referred to as TA) does not have a brick-and-mortar shop and the ordering of the offered services takes place electronically – via the booking form, via e-mail, via messenger or by phone at 0903/50 51 52.

II. Order Party – Customer

The order form may be filled, or services of the TA may be ordered only by a person over the age of 18 who is competent to perform legal acts.

III. Service order

The offer of TA services is listed on the Modra Tours website. The order is considered accepted after confirmation by the Travel Agency either by respective e-mail or by telephone. The Customer is also acquainted with the payment terms for the ordered services. The Customer has the right to personal data protection according to Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain laws required by the TA from the Customer due to the execution of the ordered services. These data include name and surname of the Customer, their telephone contact, billing and e- mail address.

IV. Establishment of a contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between TA and the Customer arises at the time of crediting the payment for the ordered service to the TA account by the Customer. The Customer will pay for the total number of people listed in the order form or in the e-mail order.

V. Mass events

Collective events, which are announced on the website or the travel agency’s Facebook page, will be held with a minimum number of participants of 5. Participants are informed about the implementation on an ongoing basis. In case of cancellation due to insufficient number of participants, the travel agency undertakes to return the already received payments to the Customer’s account without delay.

VI. Payment terms and cancellation fees

The prices of the services provided are contractual prices arranged in agreement between TA and the Customer and are listed on the TA website or agreed individually in writing or by telephone. The Customer has the right to cancel the ordered services in writing under the following cancellation conditions:

– cancellation of the order 2 days or less before delivery of services: 100% cancellation fee – cancellation of the order 3 to 7 days before delivery of services: 75% cancellation fee,
– cancellation of the order 8 to 14 days before delivery of services: 50% cancellation fee,
– cancellation of the order 15 to 30 days before delivery of services: 25% cancellation fee.

VII. Rights and obligations of the Customer

The Customer has the right to be provided with services in full extent, which he ordered from the travel agency and for which he paid the contract price. The Customer has the right to cancel the order before the date of implementation of services considering valid cancellation fees listed above. The Customer has the right to complain about deficiencies in the services and to insist on the handling of the complaint in accordance with Article VII. of these Business Conditions.

VIII. Rights and obligations of TA.

TA has the right to request from the Customer the payment of a contractual penalty (cancellation fee), if TA has a right to it under Article VI. of these Business conditions. TA has the right to exclude from its services – shows, tours, trips and tastings – persons whose behaviour endangers the safety of other participants, are under the influence of narcotics, damage to foreign property or otherwise violate the laws of the Slovak Republic.

IX. Complaints and liability for damages

In the event that the Customer is not provided with services as agreed in the order, he has the right to compensation for services provided in accordance with Act 170/2018 Coll. and relevant legislation.

X. Insolvency insurance

In accordance with Act no. 170/2018 Coll. on tours, related tourism services, certain conditions of business in tourism and on the amendment of certain laws, TA is not obliged to have a concluded contract of travel insurance in case of bankruptcy. In the case of the sale of products of other travel agencies, the organizing travel agency is insured against bankruptcy.

XI. Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all participants and recipients of TA services. By paying for the services to the TA account, the Customer confirms that he has understood the terms and agrees with them.

The Pezinok District Court has jurisdiction over any commercial disputes. In Modra, 6.7.2020